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pure planet recyclers has been at the forefront of solid waste management for over six years. Providing professional waste management services as well as recycling of waste plastics


Our operations have a cascading impact that Is rippling across our community and beyond.


Quality our clients can rely on.

We at Pure planet are very keen to offer services that meet and even surpass the expectations of our customers. In order for us to provide comprehensive waste disposal service, we have to bear in mind the regulations around the sector and therefore the need to consider the sustainable approach to waste handling. This then directed the company to consider doing dis[posal services so as to access waste at the primary point, instead of the previous position where the company would acces the waste through middle persons. The strategic approach has enabled the company to engage the waste generators(Residents and businesses) and this has a big input in ensuring sustainable management of the waste. The company provides two bins to the residents so that they may put their waste in two fractions of dry and the organics, for the latter, the company organizes frequent collections(twice or thrice a week) so as to minimize the bio effect on the waste, while the dry waste can be collected based on when the bins are full.

The two fractions of waste are processed differently towards maximizing value extraction, for the organics, the FOOD WASTE is used for animal feeds and the remainder is used for BSF FARMING and finally, the remnants are processed into COMPOST FERTILIZER. For the DRY WASTE, segregation is done in the company's facility on Komarock Rd, then the plastic is processed through sorting into different fractions, grinding, packing, and then selling to plastics manufacturers for the production of finished goods

Other than plastic recycling, Pure Planet Recyclers Ltd also has a fabrication department that has been making waste management and recycling equipment. We have the best locally fabricated equipment ranging from crashing machines/shredders, driers; the Crashers come in two size varieties:

smaller ones run a 15-20 horsepower motor with a 250kg/hr output capacity with 6 blades for ksh100,000-350,000.

the other larger one runs a 30 horsepower motor with 400kg/hr output capacity and goes for ksh300,000-450,000 both are capable of crashing





bones and so much more

they're belt driven newly fabricated and we make sure you get test runs before purchasing and 24/7 support. we also do custom factory crashers and quotations are free

for exact quotation call us today!

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Happy Eid al-Adha

Sorting is the systematic arrangements of units Into groups of common similarities or differences. How has sorting changed the way you see things. Us? Well sorting is the most important stage our value addition process there's no recycling without #sorting
Madaraka means #power on this day 59yrs ago we got power to become an independent nation
We celebrate our heroins and heroes #recyclers #wastepickers and the entire industry #happymadarakaday
Kenya generates up to 3,000 tonnes of e-waste every year only 10% of that is recovered and recycled @pureplanetrecyclersltd  is at the forefront mitigating e-waste dumping
Building up to World environment day at the banks of Mathare River planted a tree and issued PPE to @kombgreen CBO on behalf of @kepro_ke This is towards enhancing our collaboration with the youth and women waste pickers in pursuit of higher rates of waste collection @rkainika
Pure Planet Recyclers was part of a waste pickers conference and clean up exercise held in @kisumucountyke from the 12th-14th of May that highlighted the importance of waste pickers in the industry. The event brought players from all over the east African region.
Wishing everyone a peaceful Eid 

We Join the nation in mourning the death of Kenya's 3rd and former president Emilio Mwai Kibaki rest in peace. #mwaikibaki #rip #kenya
Today we celebrate our wonderful world the place we get to call 🏠 home #earthdayeveryday
If we disregard waste management and stigmatize those in the sector, we could end up losing our vital ecosystem to the waste we generate. Unmanaged waste is a real threat to humanity and the biodiversity. We must take responsibility for the waste we generate.
Happy Women's Day to strong, intelligent, talented and simply wonderful women! To all the incredible women in the recycling sector and beyond we celebrate you
On the 26th the executive director of UNEP @andersen_inger together with Mr @rkainika_ visited the dandora dumb site to see the extent of dumbing and find amicable, lasting solutions to this menace
Nature always finds a way
#takanimali #wasteiswealth
We want to appreciate everyone for making this year special 🙂 to our clients, partners and suppliers #merrychristmas2021
@e4impact_foundation team together with Mr @RKainika during the three day #connext21 that was held in Milan, Italy. Special thanks to the @e4iaccelerator.kenya for the unceasing support and confidence in @pureplanetrecyclersltd It's time for African businesses.
@pureplanetrecyclersltd spent the whole day at @bentoelgroup showcasing how we covert the Post production waste from the manufacturing giant back into the value chain we are honored and appreciate the time we had at their facility.
The steps we take today become major leaps tomorrow 
#takanimali #wasteiswealth #circulareconomy
@pureplanetrecyclersltd wants to wish Our clients, suppliers and partners a #HappyDeepavali
The link is in the Bio 
#takanimali  #wasteiswealth
#happymashujaaday to everyone from @pureplanetrecyclersltd
We go beyond buying and selling. @pureplanetrecyclersltd  values the social-economy progress of the community that we get to have an  impact on, Pure Planet Recyclers Ltd this week is having  circular economy and recycling awareness classes in the Coast region.
8 days to go #Mashujaa be an environment shujaa by taking part in this event on the 20th of this month as celebrate our heroes and heroins #takanimali #wasteiswealth @kenyarecyclers
#wasteiswealth #takanimali

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